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Oral Health Care and Prevention

Diseases of the Oral Cavity

Malocclusion is abnormally shaped teeth and has few treatments


Malocclusion means the teeth are not aligned properly. Causes Occlusion refers to the alignment of teeth and the way that...

TMJ disorders are difficult to diagnose

TMJ Disorders

Among the most common, irritating and difficult to diagnose problems with head and neck pain are temporal mandibular joint problems,...

Oral cancer can be deadly if left untreated

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth and the pharynx (the back of the throat). Oral cancer accounts for roughly...

Periodontal disease is dangerous and requires immediate therapy

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

There are many different varieties of periodontal disease, and many ways in which these variations manifest themselves. All require immediate...

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, known formally as dental caries, has been a serious health problem for all nations since time immemorial. For...

Restoring Decayed Teeth

Dental Crowns and Caps to restore your teeth

Dental Crowns and Caps

As far as a dental restoration goes, crowns and caps are used synonymously. Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of...

Root canal therapy is necessary to repair some damaged teeth

Root Canal Therapy

The pulp, or soft inner tissue is important during the tooth’s development. Once a tooth is fully mature, the tooth...

Composite fillings fix cavities without a major procedure

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium that produces a tooth-colored filling. They...

Amalgam Fillings are different than composite fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Used by dentists for more than a century, dental amalgam is the most thoroughly researched and tested restorative material among...

Restoring Periodontally Involved Teeth

Periodontal therapy may be necessary to heal the mouth

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Non-surgical therapy removes plaque and calculus by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and by treating conditions that encourage gum...

Soft Tissue Grafts and other Periodontal Treatments

Soft Tissue Grafts

Periodontal procedures are available to stop further dental problems and gum recession, and/or to improve the esthetics of your gum...

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure

Crown Lengthening

Periodontal procedures are available to lay the groundwork for restorative and cosmetic dentistry and/or to improve the esthetics of your...

Periodontal surgery may be required to fix certain oral problems

Periodontal Surgery

If you’re diagnosed with periodontal disease, your periodontist may recommend periodontal surgery. Periodontal surgery is necessary when your periodontist determines...

Non-Surgical dental treatments for periodontal disease

Non-Surgical Dental Treatments

Periodontal treatment guidelines stress that periodontal health should be achieved in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner. This is...

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a great advancement in dentistry as they permanently replace missing teeth in a way that no previous...

Fixed Bridge repairs one or more missing teeth

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a fixed bridge because it is not removable....

Dentures are removable bridges and replace missing teeth


A removable bridge, more commonly known as a denture, is a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. It...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Crowns repair badly damaged teeth


A crown is a type of dental restoration which completely encircles remaining tooth structure or a dental implant. It is...

Veneers & porcelain laminates for teeth restoration

Veneers / Porcelain Laminates

Porcelain veneers, sometimes called tooth veneers, can be used to correct both color and shape problems and make for a...

Teeth Whitening for a brighter smile at Coney Island Dental

Teeth Whitening

The process of teeth whitening is performed for patients who desire a brighter smile. Tooth whitening can be performed to...

Dental Bonding Services to Fix Your Teeth

Dental Bonding

The dental bonding procedure utilizes a composite resin and is used for a variety of structural as well as cosmetic...


Dental Emergencies

Traumatic Dental Injuries Require Dental Treatment

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Dislodged Teeth Injuries to the mouth can cause teeth to be pushed back into their sockets. If the tooth is...

Toothaches are painful and easily treatable by your dentist


A “toothache” is pain typically around a tooth, teeth or jaws. In most instances, toothaches are caused by a dental...

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