Find the best Coney Island Invisalign Dentist near me in NYC.

Teeth Straightening Systems for Adults and Confident Smiles

Having crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite can be more problematic than from a strictly aesthetic point of view. With tooth structure abnormalities patients can experience a wide array of issues including discomfort, damaged enamel, ground-down teeth, and even mental health concerns like depression stemming from misshapen and crooked teeth. This can be difficult as a child or adolescent but can be even more painful as an adult as we face the world, our families, our jobs, and everyday life. 

Adults Need a Different Teeth Straightening Option

Find the best Coney Island Invisalign Dentist near me in NYC.
Coney Island Invisalign Dentist

We’re all familiar with traditional braces and how they can straighten teeth but in a very visible and inconvenient way. Brushing and flossing are difficult or impossible (in the case of flossing) with traditional metal braces and can also lead to poor oral hygiene, cavities, stained teeth, and bad breath or worse. Adults who may have had families who couldn’t afford braces when they were younger or it just wasn’t that important back then may face struggles with their crooked teeth later in life. 

Taking up braces at a non-traditional age (after adolescents) can be a difficult decision to make when you consider the first impressions and embarrassment that come along with a “mouth full of metal”. But there are great tooth alignment options for both adolescents and adults today. Enter, Invisalign and Invisalign Go.

Invisalign has Changed the Tooth Alignment Industry Forever

It isn’t new technology today in 2022 but it was in 1997 when Invisalign hit the market and changed the way we straighten teeth forever. Today, multiple competitors offer similar alignment options now that enough time has passed and patents have become open-source. Invisalign works in a few key ways that are different from traditional braces:

  • clear aligners which are not visible to the naked eye
  • are worn 20-22 hours a day
  • removed when eating or brushing & flossing
  • costs less than traditional braces
  • works with your schedule
  • removes any embarrassment caused by visible braces
  • can be used for minor misalignment or severe

Invisalign gives you an array of options and benefits that traditional braces do not. The big one is also clear based on the name “Invis-Align”, the “invisible aligner” just makes sense.

Traditional braces were not removed and your teeth suffered. Many patients would finish their braces off and have stains around where the braces sat and even cavities because they couldn’t brush or floss normally. Traditional braces also require many visits to the dentist for adjustments and this starts to add up in terms of time and cost. This is one of the main reasons Invisalign is so popular today. It is easier to use and your overall teeth and gums don’t suffer the way they do with metal braces. 

Where Can I find an Invisalign Dentist?

If you live in Kings County New York and are looking for the best teeth alignment treatment then you’ll have a few options to consider. We are the leading Coney Island Invisalign Dentist here in NYC and are proud to help over 4,000 patients with their teeth and oral health goals every year. We also live right here in the neighborhood and have operated for over 40 years. Come see why we’re the best dentist in Coney Island and schedule your free consultation for teeth straightening.


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