Invisalign costs less and is invisible to others, see why its so popular at Coney Island Dental in NY

Invisalign: a Better Orthodontic Treatment for Straight Teeth

A good-looking smile with perfectly straight teeth isn’t something we’re all born with. In fact, most people have teeth structures that aren’t perfectly symmetrical or inline. Traditional orthodontic methods utilized braces that require a lot of maintenance, regular orthodontic visits for adjustments, and give patients a “metal mouth” look that won’t go unnoticed. There is nothing wrong with traditional braces they do the job, but modern orthodontic dentistry has come a long way since 1997 when Align Technology came to be.

Invisalign was quickly given FDA approval and is used by dentists across the USA and the globe to provide patients with a straight smile and aligned teeth. The kicker is that they are invisible! No more embarrassment regarding shiny teeth, or a metal mouth, or constantly getting food stuck in your braces. That is welcome knowledge to those looking to straighten their teeth in the age of body positivity and social media.

Millions of Patients have Used Invisalign

Invisalign costs less and is invisible to others, see why its so popular at Coney Island Dental in NY
Invisalign Coney Island NY

The popularity of Invisalign has grown ever since its FDA approval. Not only because it is an extremely effective and subtle way to straighten teeth, but also it costs less and requires fewer visits to the dentist than traditional braces.

  • Yields similar results to metal braces
  • Fixes various issues including gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, under-bite, and more. Everything traditional braces were used for. 
  • Invisalign is practically invisible so no one will know you’re straightening your teeth
  • It is more comfortable than metal braces and can be removed when you want, such as eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing.
  • Offers patients more freedom than metal braces
  • Has no metal parts or wires which can be dangerous and even cut patients’ mouths and gums.
  • Saves time and cost. Invisalign works in roughly 12-18 months on average and costs a lot less than metal braces. So you have straighter teeth faster at a lower cost.

All of these things are great advantages to using Invisalign.

Other Drawbacks of Metal Braces

There are further drawbacks than being visible for metal braces. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Cost is higher than Invisalign and requires more dental visits
  • Painful and uncomfortable
  • Can create mouth sores and cuts to the gums and tongue
  • Plaque buildup and tooth decay as it is harder to brush and impossible to floss
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bracket damage or breakage and tooth damage due to the metal braces
  • Hard time eating certain foods
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Are extremely noticeable
  • and more

This is just a shortlist of the downfalls of using traditional metal braces.

Children and Invisalign

Image is important for everyone and especially self-image for children who are developing into young adults. Kids can be cruel and in the age of social media, likes, and follows; Invisalign has steadily increased in popularity. No more being teased at school for having metal braces and no more getting food stuck their teeth at the cafeteria. This has been a major shift in how orthodontic dentistry serves young patients. When given the choice, children choose Invisalign nearly 100% of the time.

Adults and Invisalign

The popularity with children and teens has only been overshadowed by the popularity amongst adults. Consider an adult who wants to straighten their teeth. Maybe they have a managerial position and have a lot of people working under them or they are due for a job interview. With metal braces, there was a good level of embarrassment and even shame experienced by adult patients using traditional braces. The looks and behind-the-back talk couldn’t go unnoticed, “why did they wait so long to get braces? I feel like they are in high school” and so on.

Talk to Your Coney Island Dentist about Invisalign

The place to start is at the dentist’s. Talk to your dentist about your options, costs, and time frames. Invisalign is likely the right fit for you no matter your age. We proudly help over 4,000 patients a year get the teeth of their dreams. We are your neighbors and members of the community here in Southern Kings County, NY.

For the best Invisalign Coney Island NY, look no further than right here at Coney Island Dentistry. Give us a call today and schedule you’re next visit and consultation today.


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