Finding Invisalign Treatment in Coney Island NY

Who is Invisalign Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening System For?

If you’re wondering what sort of patients Invisalign treatment is ideal for you are likely a good candidate. Invisalign is the world’s leading clear aligner teeth straightening system since its first inception in the late 1990s. It has several competitors who have more or less adopted the same model but Invisalign is the original and the most well-known, being the original innovator of the technology and most loved by patients.

Invisalign is Ideal for Teenagers

Finding Invisalign Treatment in Coney Island NY
Invisalign Treatment in Coney Island NY

Because the aligners are clear, patients prefer them to traditional metal braces which are visible and make it extremely difficult for proper dental hygiene. Self-conscious teenagers prefer Invisalign and Invisalign Go for some obvious reasons:

  • The age of social media has teenagers more concerned about their appearance than ever before. Making a clear teeth alignment option that is nearly invisible is the preferred method of teeth straightening. 
  • Kids tend to tease one another for just about anything and many young patients in the past with traditional braces would face social anxiety and even bullying. Invisalign removes this from the equation.
  • Teenagers are at an age where they begin dating and Invisalign removes some of the anxiety already faced by self-conscious teenagers in middle school and high school.
  • Dental hygiene is important and having proper daily habits is important for the entire course of life. With traditional braces you cannot floss and cleaning your teeth is difficult after eating. Invisalign allows patients to conduct their normal dental hygiene habits with no lapse in brushing or flossing.

Helping your adolescent children maintain their self-confidence is a part of being a parent. Invisalign allows parents and guardians to provide a more flexible and user-friendly form of tooth alignment treatment.

Invisalign is Ideal for Adults

Some adults will experience shifting teeth throughout life or have needed tooth alignment therapy since their teenage years but could not afford it. As an adult wearing visible metallic braces there is an increased level of anxiety and self-consciousness when it comes to your day-to-day life. Going on dates, job interviews, or just hanging out with friends and family can become a chore when you are self-conscious about your teeth. Invisalign and Invisalign Go eliminate this fear and can help people continue living without anxiety regarding their teeth. Their same dental hygiene habits can also be maintained.

Invisalign is Ideal for Those on a Budget

Because Invisalign therapy requires fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments and requires less time than traditional braces (in most cases), it is an ideal treatment option for those on a limited or low budget. When you have traditional braces you must go to the dentist every few weeks for physical adjustments to the alignment progress. These bills accumulate throughout the therapy until the cost for traditional braces can be as much as 25-45% higher than Invisalign costs. Less time spent in a dental chair and fewer costs for the treatment add up to a better treatment plan for everyone.

Finding Invisalign Treatment in Coney Island NY

If you or your children require teeth alignment options in Kings County NYC, you have a lot of different options to consider. Coney Island Dental is a leading family dental office and is now proud to offer Invisalign therapy to our patients. With over 4,000 happy patients a year come in and see why our patients write rave reviews on Google and other outlets. We accept various dental insurances and would love to help you on your tooth alignment journey today.


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