There is a mental health toll for those missing teeth be sure to visit a Coney Island Dental Implant Specialist

The Mental Health Toll of Missing One or More Teeth

Teeth are important. But keeping your teeth is something many people never think about until it’s often too late. Beyond chewing and talking or smiling, our teeth play an important role in how we perceive ourselves and how other people see us. It’s not uncommon for someone missing some teeth to be judged by their peers, strangers, and most harshly themselves. The internal struggle, stress, and depression that missing teeth can lead to is real. If you’re missing one or more teeth, have persistent oral pain, or have unsightly damaged and discolored teeth, have no fear! There are options. Let’s...

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Tooth pain left untreated can lead to pain and need for a dental implant in Coney Island, NY.

When Minor Tooth Pain Leads to an Extraction

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, pain, or mild discomfort, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying oral problem. Whether it’s the start of a cavity or gum disease like Gingivitis, problems with your mouth and teeth should not be left to chance. Most problems can be easily cleared up with a dentist visit but if you don’t go to the dentist they can degrade into a true oral emergency.  The end of the line for serious tooth pain is a tooth extraction, where the dentist will remove the problem tooth and root. This stops the pain...

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Visiting the dentist can help prevent the need for Dental Restoration Surgery.

Tooth Restoration Starts with a Dental Visit

Our teeth are one of the most used portions of our bodies. We use them every day to eat food, for speech, and when we smile. Most people don’t know that teeth are much stronger than the rest of our bone structure but are still prone to wear and tear over time. Cavities are only the beginning of oral issues and they can get painful and unsightly pretty quick. If you have poor dental hygiene you will likely run into all sorts of problems over time. The first step in tooth or teeth restoration is getting to the dentist and...

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Severe cavity induced oral pain requiring a root canal

Good Dental Hygiene Prevents Cavities and Tooth Loss

Functioning healthy teeth are often taken for granted. Despite many parent’s best efforts, it can be hard to instill good dental hygiene habits in their children. “Brush twice a day for at least two minutes“, is the popular phrase, but try doing that with a 2, 4, and 6-year-old day in and day out and see how strict you are on those 2 minutes!   If you don’t have good dental hygiene habits and don’t visit the dentist, you are at risk of bad breath and cavities. Those surely sound bad but are minimal in terms of costs, discomfort, oral pain,...

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Dental Implants Coney Island NY

Understanding Dental Implant & Crown Differences

More often than not, repairing a missing or failing tooth usually has two options: a dental implant or a dental crown. What options your dentist recommends will depend on a few different factors surrounding the state of the tooth, the root, nerve, jaw bone, and sinus (for upper teeth). There are some key differences between the two your dentist will go over when discussing your treatment plan. Let’s have a look. Dental Implant vs. Dental Crown Both procedures leave the patient with a replaced and working tooth, but they are very different in achieving this. A dental implant is a...

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Root Canal Coney Island NY

I Have a Rotting Tooth, do I Need a Root Canal?

Issues with your teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem. Teeth and your mouth play an important part in day-to-day life, from eating to talking, smiling, drinking, and more. But if you have a tooth that is starting to rot and is causing you a lot of pain, what should you do to remedy the situation? Leaving it alone will lead to increased pain and eventually a dead root nerve, chipped tooth, terrible sensitivity, and falling out teeth. Let’s take a look at what you should be doing if you have a bad toothache and a rotting tooth or teeth.  Identifying...

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Coney Island Dental Implant Surgery

Knowing When You’re Ready for Dental Implant Surgery

Let’s face it, many Americans skip or avoid dentist visits entirely for loads of reasons.  High levels of dental anxiety, inconvenience, being scared of what the dentist will say, a lack of dental insurance, or any other reason. But over a long enough time frame, those missed dental appointments can quickly compound into real oral health problems.  Cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease are just the start of problems that can arise with your teeth. If left untreated, these can lead to root canals, tooth extraction, splintered or cracked teeth, missing teeth, and a whole slew of other problems. Our teeth are...

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Traumatic Dental Injuries Require Dental Treatment

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Dislodged Teeth Injuries to the mouth can cause teeth to be pushed back into their sockets. If the tooth is pushed partially out of the socket, your dentist may re-position and stabilize your tooth. If the pulp remains healthy, then no other treatment is necessary. However, if the pulp becomes damaged or infected, root canal treatment will be required. Root canal treatment is usually started within a few weeks of the injury and a medication, such as calcium hydroxide, will be placed inside the tooth. Eventually, a permanent root canal filling will be placed and the canal will be sealed....

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Toothaches are painful and easily treatable by your dentist


A “toothache” is pain typically around a tooth, teeth or jaws. In most instances, toothaches are caused by a dental problem, such as a dental cavity, a cracked or fractured tooth, an exposed tooth root, or gum disease. Sometimes diseases of the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint), or spasms of the muscles used for chewing can cause toothache like symptoms. The severity of a toothache can range from chronic and mild to sharp and excruciating. It can be a dull ache or intense. The pain may be aggravated by chewing or by thermal foods and liquids which are cold or hot....

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Invisalign® Invisible Braces to Straighten Teeth at Any Age


Invisalign® has changed the face of orthodontics. Instead of wires attached to your teeth, your teeth can now be straightened invisibly. Invisalign® is clear. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign® is removable. Unlike braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene. Invisalign® is comfortable. No metal brackets or wires to cause mouth irritation, and less time in the dentist’s chair getting adjustments. The Invisalign® process has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide. However, only a certified dentist like ours can...

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