Find the Best Invisalign Treatment Coney Island NY for your budget

Why is Invisalign so Popular Amongst Adults

Having a great looking smile is something many people take for granted. But straight and sparkling white teeth are not something everyone gets blessed with at birth. As we age, many people will have slightly misshapen teeth due to genetics, injury, or environmental causes. If you never got braces when you were younger, or your teeth have started to shift later in life, or you’re looking to improve on slight cosmetically crooked teeth, consider a tooth aligner is likely for you. 

What Teeth Alignment Treatments Work?

Find the Best Invisalign Treatment Coney Island NY for your budget
Best Invisalign Treatment Coney Island NY

 There are a few ways to get straighter teeth. The most common are traditional braces or invisible aligner treatment plans. Both of these work well, but each has different pros and cons. You should start the conversation with your dentist if you want to learn the various options and costs, but let’s look at a few.

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign Aligners

Both plans work for straight teeth, but there are some key differences. 

  • Invisalign is clear; traditional braces are visible for all to see
  • You can remove clear aligners to eat and brush and floss teeth, making dental hygiene much easier and more efficient than braces, making flossing impossible, and leaving stains on the teeth around the braces.
  • You wear Invisalign 22 hours a day; braces never come off until the treatment completes
  • Traditional braces require many visits for adjustments to your dentist; Invisalign does not require many in comparison.
  • Invisalign costs less than traditional braces.
  • Adults prefer clear aligners because there is no stigma of having braces as an adult.

There are other differences to go over, but you should consult your dentist and dental hygienist to get an idea of what they think of the two options. 

Why is Invisalign so Popular Amongst Adults

The real reason young adults and adults prefer Invisalign over traditional braces is simple; you cannot easily see them. It is common for teenagers to feel self-conscious about getting braces; the same goes for adults, if not even more self-conscious. Few of their peers will have visible braces, and it can be embarrassing for adults in the workplace, on a date, in an interview, or even just looking in the mirror. 

Invisalign also offers much more control and comfort than traditional braces. Getting used to metal braces can be challenging and doesn’t allow you to maintain proper dental hygiene easily. If you use traditional braces a year later, your teeth are perfectly straight, great! But what if wearing those braces prevented you from cleaning your teeth well and had stains, cavities, or gingivitis to deal with? It would seem like fixing one problem created another. 

That is not possible with Invisalign, as you remove them to clean your teeth and eat them. Traditional braces make it impossible to fully clean your teeth and gums as you cannot floss, and food gets stuck in them at every meal. This can be annoying and unsightly and add to an adult’s self-consciousness about wearing braces. 

Talk to Your Dentist about Invisalign

Straight teeth and a confident smile are something we can all pursue at any stage in life. If you are ready to start the conversation, schedule a call with your dentist or bring it up at your next appointment. A good dentist can go over everything with you in detail and discuss costs and what it takes in terms of a time requirements. 

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