Invisalign treatment in Coney Island NY for over a decadel

Invisalign is the Teeth Straightening System of the Modern Age

We’ve all seen vintage footage or had loved ones who grew up having traditional braces in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. After all, you couldn’t miss them! Bright shiny metal connectors between the teeth and elastic bands on the sides of the mouth were pretty hard to miss. Smiling or eating would trap all manner of foods in the crevasses between and around the braces and it could be a nightmare for kids trying to fit in. Many teenagers grew up being teased or were highly self-conscious about their “metal mouth”, or being referred to as “jaws”. But if you are looking to correct crooked teeth or have teenagers who need a tooth straightening treatment plan, have no fear. The days of highly visible metal braces are gone.

Invisalign: Teeth Straightening System for the Modern Age

Invisalign treatment in Coney Island NY for over a decadel
Invisalign treatment in Coney Island NY

Technology over the years has gotten faster, smaller, and more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about computer chip technology or teeth straightening treatments and Invisalign is a perfect example of how technology has improved our lives. So, what are the main benefits of using Invisalign? Let’s have a look:

  • They are nearly invisible to the naked eye because Invisalign straighteners are clear molds that you wear about 22 hours a day, they cannot be seen the way traditional braces can.
  • More hygienic and easier to clean. Because Invisalign braces are removed when you eat, brush, and floss your teeth, dental hygiene doesn’t take a back seat the way it does with traditional braces. With traditional braces, you cannot floss and food often gets trapped leading to bad breath, gingivitis, and cavities. 
  • Invisalign requires fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments. With traditional braces every month a patient would have to go to their Orthodontist to have the bands and braces manually adjusted. With Invisalign, you see your dentist far less. 
  • Works in less time than traditional braces typically
  • Costs less than traditional braces
  • Is great for adolescents, teenagers, and adults alike.

Invisalign Allows Adults to Straighten Teeth Discreetly

Maybe your family couldn’t afford braces when you were younger or your teeth hadn’t shifted enough to warrant costly orthodontic treatments. Whatever the reason, if you are an adult who wants to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign is for you. If you are a working professional, interviewing for a job, or about to go on a first date you can have confidence in your teeth. First impressions are important and it is not common to see adults with a full set of braces, typically you would see on teenagers. This can weigh on people’s minds and affect their mental health and everyday life. 

With Invisalign, you can get the straight teeth you deserve without having to worry about what people are thinking. Sure, it’s great to say something euphemistic like, “you shouldn’t care what other people think”, but that isn’t how the world works or how human beings operate. Invisible braces eliminate this as the name itself states, “invis-align”, or “invisible-aligners”.

Getting the Process Started in Coney Island, NY

Starting your Invisalign treatment doesn’t have to wait. We have proudly served Coney Island and greater Brooklyn for over 40 years. Come in for a visit and we’ll discuss the Invisalign process from start to finish, the expected time frame, and total costs. Invisalign is superior to braces for so many reasons that we know you’ll love your confident new smile no matter what. 

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