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Invisalign treatment in Coney Island NY for over a decadel

Invisalign is the Teeth Straightening System of the Modern Age

We’ve all seen vintage footage or had loved ones who grew up having traditional braces in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. After all, you couldn’t miss them! Bright shiny metal connectors between the teeth and elastic bands on the sides of the mouth were pretty hard to miss. Smiling or eating would trap all...

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Protecting Tooth Enamel to Prevent Cracks & Extractions

Tooth enamel is an important component in the structure of all healthy teeth. It is a hard, semi-clear, outer tooth layer that protects from erosion caused by everyday use. Enamel also prevents sensitivity from hot and cold temperatures as we eat and drink different things. Sugars, acids, dyes, and chemicals all damage teeth in a...

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