Dental Implants Coney Island NY

Understanding Dental Implant & Crown Differences

More often than not, repairing a missing or failing tooth usually has two options: a dental implant or a dental crown. What options your dentist recommends will depend on a few different factors surrounding the state of the tooth, the root, nerve, jaw bone, and sinus (for upper teeth). There are some key differences between the two your dentist will go over when discussing your treatment plan. Let’s have a look.

Dental Implant vs. Dental Crown

Dental Implants Coney Island NY
Dental Implants Coney Island NY

Both procedures leave the patient with a replaced and working tooth, but they are very different in achieving this. A dental implant is a surgically placed implant that replaces a missing (or extracted tooth). The dentist will insert the implant and when it has healed add a crown on top using a dental torque wrench. This provides the patient a fully functioning and permanent tooth and does not need to be replaced down the road.  

A crown is a cap that’s placed over an existing tooth to reinforce and restabilize it while repairing damage like chips or cracks. Crowns need to be replaced every few years and therefore are a more temporary solution for a damaged or missing tooth

What is Better for My Situation?

So, you’re ready to get that missing or badly damaged tooth replaced? Great! The first thing to do is to get in touch with your dentist and schedule an appointment to get updated x-rays (if need be) and discuss treatment plan options. Depending on your situation your dentist may recommend one or the other. But if both are an option they’ll discuss the pros and cons of each and leave it for you to decide. 

Pros and Cons of an implant:

  • Dental implants are permanent teeth. 
  • They take more time
  • Cost more upfront 
  • Don’t require replacement down the road 
  • Keep long terms costs down
  • Implants aren’t available to all patients
  • They may first require tooth extraction and then several months for the jaw bone to heal before the implant can be inserted
  • Recovery time is longer

Pros and Cons of a crown:

  • Dental Crowns are not permanent teeth and must be replaced
  • They cost less than an implant upfront
  • Can be completed more quickly than an implant
  • Crowns have a shorter recovery period

As you can see there are benefits and drawbacks to both of these treatment options. Either will be better than a missing tooth but as we see here not everyone is eligible for an implant. 

Let’s Make a Decision

Your dentist will likely make a recommendation based on the state of the tooth. If damage is minimal and you still have a mostly or partially good tooth, a crown may be your best bet. It is faster, costs less, and is suitable for partially missing or cavity-laden teeth. If your tooth is entirely missing or requires an extraction, your dentist will surely recommend dental implant surgery. It is a permanent solution and reduces long terms dental costs. 

Ultimately it is your decision so, factor in your dentist’s recommendations, your budget, and your ability to see the dentist for follow-up visits. If you’re here in Kings County NY, give us a call and come in so we can discuss your treatment options. For the best Dental Implants Coney Island NY look no further than right here at

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