Find the right dental services in coney island ny for your oral care needs.

Oral Health & Quality of Life Correlation: Dentistry Insights

We use our teeth and gums a lot. From when we first wake up with morning coffee to brushing and flossing before bed, our mouths are quite busy. What we eat and drink has an impact on not only our overall health but also the health of our teeth directly. There is a medical school of thought which considers the state of your oral health is directly correlated to your overall quality of life, not just of your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Find the right dental services in coney island ny for your oral care needs.
Dental Services in Coney Island

Oral health too denotes not merely the absence of disease but the general well being so that the person can perform functions like eating, talking and smiling and also can contribute creatively to the society. Health related quality of life is a trade-off between how long and how well people live.” – National Library of Medicine – (Oral Health & Quality of Life: Current Concepts)

As we can see, there is more to our oral health than a photogenic smile. That means how we care for our teeth, gums, and tongue can and does affect our overall health and happiness. Let’s look at an example.

Missing Teeth Mental Health Toll & Correlated Physical Illness

The brain is an incredibly powerful part of the body. Containing trillions of connections firing at all times and every person being the star in their own journey. What goes on in the mind can and does affect what goes on in the rest of the physical body. Take for instance a person who is missing several teeth. This takes a severe toll on their mental health which in turn can lead to depression, further leading to chronic illness. If a person cannot feel comfortable in their own skin they cannot achieve their optimal health and cannot be their best self, a big part of that is our oral health.

If you are embarrassed or ashamed to take a job interview because you are missing teeth, your work life and financial security suffer. If you are ashamed and will not go on a first date then you will likely face life alone. If you are embarrassed to meet friends and family due to missing teeth your social health will suffer. All of these will lead to poor mental and physical health if not addressed properly. Confidence in one’s self is as important as ever and more than just having a good time at a party.

What Your Dentist Means to Your Overall Health

Having good oral health is a lifelong journey. Our diets are full of acids, sugars, and other substances which over time will damage teeth and gums. Left untreated, minor oral problems can become serious medical concerns and even lead to life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Your dentist is your main line of defense (after personal oral hygiene) in combatting this sort of degradation throughout your life.

Here is how your dentist can assist you in achieving optimal health:

  • Missing teeth can be replaced in multiple ways
  • Dentists are the first line of defense in spotting oral cancers which can be deadly
  • Severe oral pain that affects all aspects of life can be alleviated, freeing the mind and body from chronic pain and illness
  • Confidence can be restored
  • Teach your children good oral hygiene habits they can carry throughout life. 
  • Dietary recommendations which are good for the teeth are also good for your health (reduce sugars, minimize acids, etc.)

When is it Time to Go to the Dentist?

You should be seeing your dentist every 6 months. It does not take long for small cavities to turn into painful problems. If you have not been to the dentist for a long time, there is no better time than right now to schedule a visit. If you are looking for the Dental Services in Coney Island NY, you have some options to consider. Look for experience, good reviews online, and what types of insurance they accept. If you don’t have insurance ask about payment assistance and different options they have.

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