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Better Dental Hygiene Habits for 2022 – Find the Best Dentist Near Me

2022 is finally here and many of us have set out some new years resolutions to better ourselves this year. It could be something as simple as losing weight or important as calling family more. What about finally starting to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day? If you have a history of tooth problems or a family history of missing teeth, you may want to look at your oral care routines and if they are up to snuff. Here we’ll look at important changes you can make this year to prevent painful cavities and dreaded tooth extractions from taking place.

Look at Your Current Dental Health Routine

Find the Best Dentist Near Me at Coney Island Dental
Best Dentist Near Me in Coney Island NY

Many of us live busy lives. Whether we’re talking about getting to work, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, exercising, or trying to find a minute for yourself. Life can be incredibly busy with everything on your plate. Often our oral health and hygiene suffer the busier we are and this can have unwanted negative consequences on our teeth and gums. So, how is your current teeth cleaning routine?

  • are you brushing at least 2 times a day?
  • do you floss at least once a day or after meals?
  • do you brush your tongue?
  • does your toothpaste suit your needs? What about sensitivity & pain?
  • are you seeing the dentist regularly?
  • If not, when is the last time you saw the dentist?
  • do you have a history of cavities?
  • how much sugar do you eat in your diet?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself especially if you suffer from cavities or have a history of gum disease. There are real-world consequences for neglecting your teeth that can be painful and costly. Good dental hygiene is about consistency and prevention.

Good Oral Health Habits are Beneficial

Keeping your teeth, mouth, and gums in good order goes beyond staving off bad breath! Considering our teeth are used every single day of our lives, it shouldn’t shock us that they require more care than other parts of our bodies. It is extremely common for cavities to form throughout the years, no matter your genetic predisposition, or dental hygiene habits. But you can help keep those potentially painful cavities at bay with proper care and fluoride toothpaste. Changing your diet will also play a big role in reducing cavities if you’re prone to them.

Good habits and seeing the dentist are key. Prevention is the point:

  • reduce/eliminate bad breath & fight gingivitis
  • avoid cavities and tooth sensitivity
  • prevent pain and discomfort
  • catch cavities early and treat them before they deteriorate and get worst
  • fix chips & cracks before a tooth extraction is necessary
  • start a treatment plan
  • reduce future dental costs by preventing damaged and missing teeth

Having bad teeth can be painful and expensive with costs adding up over time. By taking care of your teeth now and changing any poor oral hygiene habits you can help reduce the risk of needing major dental procedures down the road.

Find the Best Dentist Near Me in Coney Island NY

Are you seeing the dentist regularly? How is your current dental hygiene routine? Do you have tooth problems? Are you in oral pain? If you’re not sure or answered yes to any of these you should get into a dentist here in Kings County before it gets worse.

We’ve proudly served the neighborhood for over 40 years and help 4,000+ patients achieve the teeth they’ve always wanted. Call us today and schedule your first visit for the new year.


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