Find qualified Invisalign Treatment options in Coney Island NY

Are You Ready for Teeth Alignment Treatment like Invisalign?

Having straight teeth is something that many people take for granted. Whether they had braces in their teens or were blessed with perfect teeth from birth, people with ideal smiles won’t understand the struggle of living with visibly misaligned teeth. The problem that many teens and young adults who have crooked teeth face is the cost or time frame needed for tooth alignment treatment. Luckily today, there are a few options that adults can take advantage of to discreetly re-align their teeth while living a normal life, and that is affordable. 

Invisalign is the Most Popular Teeth Alignment Treatment for Adults

Find qualified Invisalign Treatment options in Coney Island NY
Invisalign Treatment Coney Island NY

There are a few competing options for straightening your teeth as an adult, but Invisalign is the original and most popular for a few key reasons. First of all, Invisalign has been around for over 20 years, which means it has a long historical track record of success we can look at. Developed by dental students who were also orthodontic patients in 1997, Invisalign changed how we look at teeth aligners

The concept was simple. People with traditional braces understood how painful, annoying, and un-hygienic braces were. They required too many adjustments, and dental visits were visibly unsightly and didn’t allow you to properly brush or floss your teeth for the entire length of the treatment. Many patients would finish with straight teeth that were stained or had cavities that stemmed from the inability to maintain dental hygiene properly. The question was simple, “why can’t we do teeth alignment differently?“. The answer was also simple, “we CAN with Invisalign.”

Am I ready for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign and Invisalign GO are ideal for nearly everyone who wants straighter teeth. Here are a few key signs you’re ready to start the discussion with your dentist:

  • If you have been putting off braces due to embarrassment of having traditional braces as an adult
  • you are concerned about the high cost and number of adjustments traditional braces need
  • want straighter teeth but could never afford it before
  • you are unhappy or ashamed of your smile and embarrassed to show your teeth
  • avoid social gatherings or other public events due to your teeth
  • have concerns about dental hygiene with traditional braces
  • you’re ready to have a confident straight smile

There may be more reasons to want straighter teeth, and each patient will have their own ideas about why they are considering Invisalign. 

Are Invisalign & Invisalign GO really better than Braces?

Your dentist will tell you the facts, but the truth is that in nearly every way, Invisalign is better than regular braces. Here’s why:

  • Invisalign is clear and cannot be seen, meaning you’re never embarrassed about having a “metal mouth” as an adult
  • You remove the aligners to brush and clean your teeth, making dental hygiene a prominent factor in the treatment plan
  • they require far fewer adjustments and dental visits
  • the cost is lower than standard braces
  • they work in the same time frame or less than braces
  • Invisalign is removed when you eat, making them stay much cleaner
  • are worn for 22 hours a day 
  • they are convenient and non-intrusive

What is My Next Step?

Simply schedule an appointment with your dentist and have a discussion about all the tooth alignment treatment options available to you. Your dentist will go over the costs, if your teeth are a candidate for Invisalign, treatment time frames, and what it all means to you (not to mention insurance coverage). Don’t leave something like this on the back burner. You deserve to be confident in your teeth and smile without feeling ashamed of your teeth. They play a more significant role in confidence in mental health than previously thought, so don’t forget your own self-care and schedule an appointment today. 

For the best Invisalign Treatment Coney Island NY, look no further than over 40 years of local dentistry expertise right here at Coney Island Dental. 


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