Find the best Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY and get straight teeth today.

Crooked Teeth a Problem? Learn Invisalign Benefits and Options

If you have misaligned teeth or teeth that are shifting, you may consider asking your dentist about teeth realignment. Whether you are a young adult or well into your 40s, straightening your teeth is less costly and more accessible than ever with the right treatment plan. You don’t need to worry about having a “metal mouth” or feeling embarrassed by traditional braces as an adult in 2022. There are a few different clear aligners to consider on the market, but the original and most well-known is Invisalign and for a good reason.

Clear Teeth Aligners are the Popular Choice

Find the best Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY and get straight teeth today.
Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY

Metal and porcelain braces are still used but come with many problems and complications. First, they are visible, which adults and young adults alike don’t want to deal with. Second, they are always on your teeth and prevent patients from maintaining proper oral hygiene. People with traditional braces will tell you that eating is a nightmare as everything gets stuck in their teeth and gums, but they cannot easily clean them. You cannot floss with traditional braces, so it stands to wonder why dentists still prescribe them.

Third, traditional braces require many more visits to the dentist for adjustments. It is time-consuming and costly and not feasible for people with a busy work and home schedule. Invisalign, on the other hand, requires few visits to the dentist and can be done entirely from home, the office, or anywhere you may be. Fourth, eating is more manageable with Invisalign because you remove them to eat (and also brush and floss). So, eating is more pleasurable, and you can clean your teeth properly. This is important because patients and dentists prefer using a clear aligner like Invisalign or Invisalign Go.

Who is an Ideal Invisalign Patient?

Anyone with misaligned teeth, be that minor crooked teeth or severely misaligned teeth. Anyone who has undergone oral surgery and had their teeth shift or one who has had one or more teeth removed has led to moving teeth. Invisalign is for patients with mild or severely crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, general misshapen teeth, or anything in between. Only your dentist can tell you what sort of treatment plan best fits your individual needs, but more often than not, Invisalign is the right fit.

If you are an adult with crooked teeth and have been avoiding braces for any of these reasons, Invisalign is for you:

  • Embarrassed about crooked teeth
  • Do not want to have visible braces.
  • Want the lowest cost teeth alignment treatment available
  • Have a busy schedule
  • Are you on a budget?
  • Want straighter teeth

People wait to approach their dentist about realignment treatments for many different reasons. Maybe you’ve been skipping the dentist for years, but you are fed up with poor oral health and crooked teeth. Whatever your reason, talk to your dentist and start the conversation. You’ll be happy with the options available at any age and on any budget.

Ask Your Dentist about Invisalign

Going to the dentist is vital to your oral and overall health. If you have been avoiding the dentist or skipping it altogether, you could have issues like cavities, sensitivity, and crooked teeth. But don’t delay any more; schedule an appointment today. Find out who is the best Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY, that will be the best fit for you.


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