Find the right Dentist in Coney Island for your budget

Dental Visit Costs Keeping You at Home? Not Anymore.

People skip or avoid the dentist for a lot of different reasons. It could be a dislike of dental offices, the discomfort of sitting in the dental chair, fear of pain and dental tools, or it could be the cost and lack of insurance. The sad truth is that most health plans do not include dental and the dental insurance landscape is far more complicated and convoluted than it should be. Whatever your reason for skipping the dentist, it’s time to look at your options and get back to a habit of going to the dentist. There are serious short and long-term benefits that come along with regular visits to the dentist, let’s take a look.

First-Time Dental Patient Specials

Find the right Dentist in Coney Island for your budget
Dentist in Coney Island

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and have no dental insurance, the fear of the cost may be keeping you at home. But the vast majority of dental offices run a “first-time patient special” that includes a cleaning and x-ray and will save you a good amount overall. These typically range from $100-200 depending on where you live and can provide a nice cost savings benefit. If you look online or simply call any dental practice, they will be able to tell you right away if you can take advantage of a deal like this. Most of them have them so don’t hesitate to call.

Certain practices will also provide more than an x-ray and cleaning. You may be able to get a reduction in teeth whitening or even get the x-ray and cleaning for free if you start teeth straightening treatment plan (like Invisalign) or begin the process of a dental implant. You’ll find that nearly all dental practices offer some kind of low or no interest financing as well, so your options are quite plentiful on dental costs.

Going to the Dentist is an Investment in your Oral Health

Going to the dentist every 6-months, even without insurance, may seem like a cost you don’t want to spend. But the truth is that preventative dentistry like this is incredibly low cost and can save you tons down the road. Consider this, you decide to skip the dentist because you don’t want to spend the $100-200 for a cleaning and x-ray. A few years go by and you start to have cavities and cracked teeth, and eventually, you need a tooth extraction. The costs of these procedures make a cleaning visit seem paltry. Considering that dental implant surgery for one tooth along with the extraction can cost anywhere from $3,500-5,000.

Getting your teeth cleaned and inspected seems well worth it when you look at the costs of a tooth replacement. Whether we are talking about a crown, dental implant, or cavity that needs to be filled; a routine cleaning is far more pleasant and cost-effective than any sort of periodontal procedure so remember this next time you’re considering skipping the dentist.

Finding the Right Dentist in Coney Island

If you have not been going to the dentist for quite a while and are ready to get back on a solid oral care treatment plan, you’ll have to look around a little to find the right dentist for you. If you’re in lower Kings County, find the best Dentist in Coney Island, with just a search online or by asking your friends and family. Coney Island Dental has proudly served the neighborhood for over 40 years, we help over 4,000 patients every year get the smile they deserve. Give us a call today and let’s schedule your new patient’s dental visit and take advantage of our great offer for cleaning and x-ray to get you started straight away.

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