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Dental Treatment Options when You Have Severe Oral Pain

Having a toothache or any kind of oral pain is never fun. But if you’re experiencing severe oral pain, whether in your teeth, gums, tongue, or jaw, it can be problematic in many ways. It could be something as simple as a cavity that has gone too far or a sign of something more severe like periodontal disease or even certain types of oral cancer. The point is that it doesn’t do any good to speculate or search Google to try and see what is causing you pain or how to treat it. So, get into your dentist and let an expert take a look to determine the cause and develop a treatment plan right for your specific case. 

What Oral Pain Feels Like & Can Look Like

Find the best Coney Island Dentist Near Me in 11224 zipcode.
Coney Island Dentist Near Me

There are various reasons someone’s mouth, teeth, and gums can be in pain. Ranging from mild to severe, you’ll know if you are experiencing any because of the throbbing sensation and pain when chewing. Mild pain can be annoying at best and leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout your day. On the other hand, severe oral pain can lead to high anxiety, inability to sleep, inability to concentrate, inability to eat, and more. Oral pain can make it difficult to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth which doesn’t aid in your dental hygiene. 

Some common characteristics accompanying mouth pain include:

  • bleeding and red gums
  • discolored teeth and gums
  • gum swelling & pulling away from teeth
  • throbbing teeth & gums at the pain point
  • chronic dry mouth
  • ulcers
  • pain when biting or consuming cold and hot liquids
  • strange and abnormal tastes when eating familiar foods
  • difficult swallowing
  • bad breath

Other signs of dental pain can mean more severe complications than a simple cavity. 

What To Do When Experiencing Dental Pain

The first answer that comes to mind is simple: get to the dentist! Only a trained eye can determine the root cause of your pain and develop treatment plan options to get you back on the right track and pain-free. Hoping the pain will go away alone is never a bright idea because it usually never goes away. If the pain goes away, it’s usually after reaching an excruciating crescendo, and never for the better. 

For example, a patient has excruciating oral pain that they continue to ignore despite his difficulties sleeping, eating, and going about his day-to-day life. But he waits it out for five months. The pain is gone, but he can see his tooth is rotten and black, has chipped down to a nub, and looks terrible. He realizes he must go to the dentist, and the dentist tells him:

this was a simple cavity that was left untreated. It spread into your tooth never-ending and rotted down the entire nerve. That was why it was so painful. But at this stage of decay, there is no saving the tooth. Even a root canal isn’t an option. We have to extract the tooth, and when the jaw bone fills in in a few months, we can discuss dental implant options. Why did you wait this long to come and see me?

This hypothetical example shows how a simple treatable cavity was left alone until it developed into a severely painful rotting tooth. Now, instead of paying a small amount to fill the cavity, the patient needs a tooth extraction, leaving them with a missing tooth. If they want to replace that tooth, it will require a dental implant, and that comes with a much higher price tag (even with insurance) than a simple cavity filling. 

The point is, outside of the pain and discomfort, delaying seeing the dentist when you have mouth pain can lead to more expensive complications and treatments down the road. Going to see the dentist is investing in your oral and overall health, so don’t wait so long.

Finding a Dentist for You and Your Family

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