Dentist in Coney Island New York for better oral health.

Why Brushing at Home Doesn’t Mean You Can Skip the Dentist

A lot of people skip the dentist year after year. They may say things like, “I brush and floss every day. I don’t need to go to the dentist“, or “I hate going to the dentist.” Whatever the case, skipping the dentist isn’t a good idea. You can run into excruciatingly painful and expensive oral health problems if you do it long enough. But no matter your age or dental history, you can start going to the dentist right in your local community.

Oral Health is an Integral Part of Your Overall Health

Dentist in Coney Island New York for better oral health.
Dentist in Coney Island NY

Being “healthy” is something to be grateful for. But it doesn’t just happen on its own. If you stay out late night after night, have a poor diet, and never exercise; eventually, your health will start to take a hit. Our bodies wear down over time; the better we care for ourselves, the happier and healthier we can live. Our teeth, gums, and tongue are integral to overall health. 

Your mouth is one of the most used parts of your body. We chew food, drink liquids, and speak daily. Medications are often administered orally, and our mouth is used for visual social queues (think smile versus frown). But maintaining the health and hygiene of your teeth and gums takes work. Brushing and flossing every day is extremely important, but we need to do more for our teeth with the modern western diets we eat full of sugars, acids, and alcohol. 

Acids and sugars in the modern diet do a great job of decaying tooth enamel, discoloring teeth, causing cavities, creating bad breath, and worse. Brushing and flossing aren’t enough to undo all the damage you did to your teeth in a day, so going to the dentist regularly is a must to help do the heavy lifting. 

Oral Problems aren’t Always Noticeable Until its Too Late

You may think, “I can just go to the dentist if I feel anything is off, I can see a cavity, or my teeth start hurting.” You can do that, but that is never a winning formula. The concern here is that if you wait to go to the dentist until you have tooth pain, you’re already past the point of preventative dentistry. “Preventative dentistry” is designed to prevent more severe problems like oral pain or cavities from occurring in the first place. 

Also, trying to spot a cavity at home is nearly impossible. The angle of looking at the mirror isn’t conducive to seeing all those hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and gums. Also, are you trained in dental practice? Do you know when a dark spot is problematic or not? Do you know where to look and what you see means? The chances are you didn’t go to dental school, so doing this at home is a non-starter. 

Finding the Best Dentist Near You

Places like New York City have hundreds of dental offices. Finding the right one for you may depend on a few different things:

  1. Location – finding a good dentist near your home shouldn’t be too hard.
  2. Insurance Acceptance & Costs – if you have dental insurance, you are entitled to regular checkups and coverage on some or all of more major procedures. Finding the right dentist for your budget is important if you don’t have dental insurance. Many offer to finance complicated projects like dental implants, and you can usually pay in installments.
  3. Dental Experience – going to an experienced dental office with well-trained and friendly staff makes the entire experience more fulfilling. You can also be confident you’re going to a qualified dental office if they promote their experience or years in the practice.
  4. Scheduling Flexibility – we all have busy lives, and getting to the dentist in the middle of a Tuesday isn’t always easy for everyone. Finding a dental practice with scheduling flexibility will help ensure you can find a working time slot to get in for your visit. 

Finding the right Dentist in Coney Island New York doesn’t have to be complicated. Give us a call today and see why the experience differs from the rest. We average nearly 5.0 stars on Google reviews. See what makes us different. Over 40 years of expertise and flexible scheduling, accepting your insurance and any budget.


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