Tooth pain left untreated can lead to pain and need for a dental implant in Coney Island, NY.

When Minor Tooth Pain Leads to an Extraction

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, pain, or mild discomfort, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying oral problem. Whether it’s the start of a cavity or gum disease like Gingivitis, problems with your mouth and teeth should not be left to chance. Most problems can be easily cleared up with a dentist visit but if you don’t go to the dentist they can degrade into a true oral emergency. 

The end of the line for serious tooth pain is a tooth extraction, where the dentist will remove the problem tooth and root. This stops the pain but will leave unsightly gaps in your teeth. Missing teeth will affect your smile and make it more difficult to speak and chew. You’ll then require dental implant surgery to replace entirely missing teeth which is far more costly than a basic cavity repair. 

The point is simple…

Don’t Leave Oral Pain to Chance

Tooth pain left untreated can lead to pain and need for a dental implant in Coney Island, NY.
Dental Implant Coney Island NY

Having a tooth removed is always a last resort for your dentist. Preventative dental hygiene like brushing your tooth 2 – 3 times a day and flossing 1-2 times a day can help you avoid most teeth problems. But we’re not immune to toothaches no matter how good we take care of our teeth! There are underlying genetic factors to consider and our diets that are typically high in sugar and processed foods. Even people who see the dentist twice a year and practice good oral hygiene at home get cavities and toothaches. 

The point is, don’t leave oral pain to get worse. If you have a serious toothache you should go to the dentist, no?

Toothaches Left Unchecked Can Deteriorate Rapidly

Many of us leave our tooth problems to chance. This is a bad idea. Tooth and gum pain can be a sign of:

  • Gingivitis: a form of gum disease that causes inflamed gums and pain
  • Periodontitis: a serious and painful gum infection that damages your gums and can even destroy your jawbone (can be life-threatening if left untreated)
  • Canker Sores: a small and shallow sore in the mouth or the base of the gums which is very painful
  • Dental Abscess: a pus pocket in a tooth caused by an infection in the mouth which is painful and can lead to further complications
  • Cavity: area of a tooth that is permanently damaged and can develop cracks and holes and can be painful and cause tooth sensitivity

These issues don’t always take years to develop either. A cavity that isn’t treated can become painful rather quickly. If you leave it long enough you’ll likely need it to be pulled to stop the pain.

Dental Implant Surgery Follows a Tooth Extraction

If you leave problems with your teeth for long enough you’ll likely have to have the tooth extracted by a dentist. Then you’ll be missing teeth and will have other problems to worry about, especially on the mental health side. It can be embarrassing to have missing teeth but you should not let it weigh you down. There is a clear path with a treatment plan you and your dentist can discuss like a dental implant.

Dental implant surgery will give you a permanent working toothAfter your tooth extraction and the jawbone has filled in, you’ll be ready to get started on a dental implant and crown fitting. 

Dental Implants are Permanent Teeth

The beauty of an implant is that it is permanent. Once you complete this procedure you won’t need an implant for that tooth ever again, as it is permanent.  Hopefully, tooth pain doesn’t come to this stage but if it does, rest assured you can still get a smile to be confident in. 

If you are missing tooth or teeth and require a Dental Implants Coney Island NY, look no further than right here at – we’ve been proud members of the community for nearly 40 years and help over 4,000 patients every year achieve the smile of their dreams.

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