Find the right dentist for you in Coney Island NY.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Discomfort or Other Oral Pain?

Having sensitive teeth and oral pain when chewing, speaking, or even sitting still can create all sorts of problems. You may find it hard to concentrate or eat the foods you normally love and it can affect sleep, your love life, and your professional life. If you are always experiencing pain, how can you truly relax and thrive in any situation? Let’s face it, in our busy lives, oral hygiene often takes a back seat to running around with the kids, getting swamped at work, preparing meals, and hitting the gym, all to do it again the next day. 

More people in the United States than you may imagine have rushed dental hygiene habitsThis combined with our overly sugary and acidic Western diets can lead to major tooth problems. If you’re experiencing mild, medium, or severe oral pain, here is what you should do.

Make a Dental Appointment Straight Away

Find the right dentist for you in Coney Island NY.
Find a Dentist in Coney Island

You may be thinking, “I brush and floss twice a day, use mouth rinse, and try to avoid late-night sugary snacks. Why am I have cavities and tooth sensitivity considering my oral hygiene?“. The point is that there is more to our mouths than our hygiene habits. There are genetic predispositions to things like cavities and gum disease that no amount of brushing and flossing can entirely keep at bay. You and your dentist can discuss your family’s oral history and be on the lookout for line items that could show up. 

Have a parent who was missing many teeth by age 50? Is there oral cancer in your family? Do you smoke cigarettes? Only through discussing your health history and your current diet and activity level can you and your dentist come up with a treatment plan to combat cavities and other ailments. If you have not been to the dentist in more than 6 months it is a good idea to make an appointment right away.

Oral Pain Caused by a Cavity? Something Deeper?

Cavities aren’t easily spotted on your own and often time patients only know they have one when it is late stage and causing discomfort. The risk with an untreated cavity is that it can grow until it reaches the nerve endings deep inside the tooth’s root. This is where the pain starts to increase and patients may experience trouble sleeping, eating, and daily activities because of throbbing oral pain. 

Your dentist is trained at spotting cavities when they are minor and removing and filling them. When caught early enough patients will be free from pain caused by severe cavities. As anyone who has had a rotten tooth can tell you, it is excruciatingly painful until the entire nerve dies and the tooth rots and chips away. Not to mention turns yellow and black! The problem is this can take weeks or months of agony, so don’t live in pain, get to the dentist. 

Finding the Right Dentist for You

Not all dentist offices are created equal. Some are more modern while some use the previous generation of dental tech. Some are family focused and some only treat those 16 years or older. If you’re looking for a dentist you shouldn’t have to look far. A quick google search will reveal the “best dentist in Coney Island NY“, so be sure to look into it. Here at Coney Island Dental, we have proudly served the neighborhood for over 40 years, helping 4,000+ patients a year be confident and pain-free with their teeth. Give us a call and let’s schedule your appointment today. 

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