Find the right practice for Dental Implant Surgery Coney Island NY

Dental Implant Surgery for Functional and Cosmetic Improvements

Missing one or more teeth can be difficult, no matter how old you are or your socio-economic standing. It also goes beyond the aesthetic when considering that missing one or more teeth can sometimes make it difficult to eat properly or even speak in some cases. There is also the mental health side, where most patients who are missing teeth feel self-conscious or embarrassed to be seen in public because of their oral health. But luckily, replacing a missing tooth or even multiple teeth is standard practice for good dental offices here in lower New York. You have treatment options to consider, and you’re not alone.

Missing Teeth is a Common Dental Issue

Find the right practice for Dental Implant Surgery Coney Island NY
Dental Implant Surgery Coney Island NY

Don’t feel ashamed if you are missing one or more teeth. People at all stages of life can lose teeth, even if they have perfect home dental hygiene. The thing is, the modern diet is packed with sugars, acids, alcohols, and other enamel-deteriorating and cavity-causing compounds that can do a number on someone’s teeth over time. There are a high number of people with missing teeth, and “2.2% of adults 20 to 64 years have no remaining teeth,” according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. That means 2 out of every 100 people have no teeth remaining from age 20-64. 

Those who smoke cigarettes, use chewing tobacco, have high sugar diets, and have poor exercise habits are more likely to lose teeth than patients who don’t do these things. Your mouth and teeth are an insight into your overall health, so taking a patient-first approach to overall well-being is something that more and more dentists are promoting today. If you’re missing some teeth or have some that need to be extracted, discussing your dietary and lifestyle habits with your dentist outside of oral hygiene discussions is a good idea. 

Considering Dental Implants for Function & Cosmetics

Teeth serve more than one purpose. Yes, their main purpose is to chew food and assist in some types of speech. But their second purpose is a view into the overall health of someone. It goes back to basic instinct. If we go back to pre-society man, when considering reproduction, someone who had visible maladies like missing teeth and sores was less likely to find a mate. Our teeth have an aesthetic component, so braces and things like Invisalign exist in the first place, and it is more than function. 

Teeth are important for first impressions, job interviews, dating, and more. But don’t feel you can’t do any of these if you’re missing some teeth. Live your life normally and work towards the goal of replacing your extracted or missing teeth. You can talk to your dentist about your options. 

Discussing Options with Your Dentist

Not everyone who is missing teeth is a suitable candidate for dental implant surgery. If you have just had an extraction, your dentist will need to wait up to 3 months to ensure enough regrown jab bone to install a dental implant where the tooth was extracted. If the jawbone has not filled in and regrown, a dental implant cannot be used, and your dentist will likely have a different course of action to recommend. 

You can typically get some kind of interest-free financing from most dental practices to help you pay for the cost of the implant over time as opposed to all at once. Moreover, some dental insurance plans will cover all or some dental implant costs. 

Talk to Your Dentist Today

Just as it takes time for teeth to rot and fall out or get extracted, it takes some time and some planning to replace a missing tooth properly. Not all dental practices are equipped to do this kind of dental surgery, so be sure you’re asking the right dentist. 

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