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When Tooth Pain Persists You Risk a Root Canal and Worse

Avoiding the dentist or skipping it entirely is something more Americans do every year than you might think. Whether it’s an insurance issue or anxiety caused by a dental exam (some other reason), it’s too common. So, if you’re experiencing tooth pain that isn’t going away, should you go to the dentist? Or should you continue waiting and hope the pain will resolve itself?

Hopefully, you opted for the dentist because oral pain is just the beginning of what could become a painful and expensive drawn-out process. One ending in tooth extraction or at best a root canal and crown to save what’s left of the tooth.

Take Dental Pain Seriously

Find a Dentist by Insurance here in Coney Island NY
Find a Dentist by Insurance

Only going to the dentist can eliminate all of your toothache and tooth-related problems. Severe oral pain brought on by a cavity-laden dying tooth is not a fun experience. Imagine not being able to sleep or concentrate on anything because your tooth is throbbing with pain constantly throughout the day. That pain will increase and decrease, but it won’t go away on its own unless something is done to solve the underlying problem.

Tooth pain caused by a young cavity can be treated by your dentist easily enough. However, if you allow the cavity to spread and infect the nerve ending inside of the tooth it will not be as straightforward of a fix for your dentist. Also, when the nerve ending of the tooth is exposed or being rotted away due to a severe cavity the pain is excruciating. Severe oral pain has consequences:

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Unable to eat or drink easily
  • Unable to chew with the affected teeth
  • Loss of sleep due to pain
  • Loss of time with family and friends
  • Loss of time at work
  • Depression and anxiety caused by tooth pain
  • Poor diet due to inability to eat properly
  • the list goes on

When a Cavity Rots your Tooth, You Pay the Price

If you have cavities that are destroying your teeth you will pay the price in more ways than one. There is a price you pay living with severe pain that cannot be measured in monetary terms but is a serious cost to your well-being. Let’s look at the costs for some of the procedures required when a toothache becomes severe:

  • Cavity Fillings:$100-200+
  • Root Canal: $600-1500 depending on what tooth
  • Tooth Extraction: $200-$4,000 (impacted teeth)
  • Crown: $800-$3000
  • Bridge: $500-$2300 (bonded)
  • Dental Implant: $3,000-$4,500 (per tooth)

As you can see, the costs have a range and are well more than a simple dental visit. Ideally, you get into the dentist so only a cavity filling will be required to alleviate and eliminate your tooth pain. If you continue to ignore the pain and live with it, you’ll likely wait too long for a simple fix from your dentist. If you allow the tooth rot to destroy the tooth and nerve endings, expect to pay out of pocket to get it resolved.

Stop Tooth Pain at the Source

Get into the dentist! No tincture or meditation practice is going to stop severe tooth pain in its tracks. You need professional help when it comes to your teeth, so schedule an appointment right away. You’ll be happy you did when your dentist has a clear treatment plan to stop the pain and get your oral health back to where it should be.

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