Find the best Local Dentist in Coney Island NY and get healthy teeth today.

Find the Right Local Dentist for You and Stick with Them

Going to the dentist is something many of us don’t look forwards too. It takes time, costs money, and can be unpleasant for some. But that doesn’t change the fact that going to the dentist is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and well-being. When you go to the dentist for a checkup, your dentist inspects your teeth, gums, and tongue for more than just plaque or tartar build-up. Your mouth is an insight into your overall health and tells us more about how healthy you are than you may think.

Dentists Generally Know how Healthy You Are

Find the best Local Dentist in Coney Island NY and get healthy teeth today.
Local Dentist in Coney Island NY

Sure they don’t take your blood pressure or do blood tests, but dentists can be the first line of defense for certain types of illness. Mouth, tongue, or throat cancer is one of those life-threatening conditions that a dentist or dental hygienist will notice first. Your dentist can see if you brush and floss regularly, smoke, drink coffee, or have a high sugar or high acid diet. They can see if your a stressed out if you grind your teeth or don’t drink enough water with chronic dry mouth.

Because our mouths and the bacteria that live there are used daily, it’s essential to get them looked at like any other body part. You go to the doctor for a physical every year to check your blood pressure and take blood. Why wouldn’t you also want to check up on your oral health? As we age our bodies slow down, and we must be more careful.

If you have poor oral hygiene and never go to the dentist, you could find yourself in severe oral pain and need to get multiple teeth extracted. This makes every aspect of daily life more difficult. There is pain, and you can also have difficulty chewing and speaking, let alone embarrassment from missing many teeth. Your dentist will help you prevent these difficulties later in life, but you must be consistent with your dental visits.

How do I Find the Right Dentist?

The proximity and track record of any dentist should be what you look at first if you’re looking for a new dentist. How far away is the dental practice from where you live or work to make it convenient? No one wants to drive an hour each way to go to the dentist, so you should be looking for oral care closer to home. Next up is the quality of any dental practice. For this, you want to look at online reviews of dental practices. How does the dentist you are considering hold up?

Some basic questions you should be looking to answer:

  • Are patients happy and well cared for? 
  • Did they get to their appointment on time? 
  • Or did they wait an hour to be seen after their appointment time?
  • Did they feel just rushed through the whole process?
  • Were they sold services they don’t need? 
  • How were the dental hygienists?
  • Did the dentist and hygienist explain their actions, or did they sit there in silence?
  • Did they have advice and develop a treatment plan for your needs?
  • How long has the practice been in business?
  • Do they offer more than cleaning and x-rays? 
  • Can you get periodontal work and cosmetic dentistry?
  • What about teeth aligners like Invisalign
  • Did they take your insurance? (if you have it)

Like anything, not all dental practices are created equal, especially here in lower Kings County, NY. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dental offices to consider, so you want to be sure you’re going to one that fits your needs.

Get to the Dentist and Get Back on Track

Many Americans go years without going to the dentist, and this can lead to costly needs later in life. If you “save money” by not going to the dentist for a decade, you could come to find you need teeth extracted due to rot. This costs more than multiple visits and could have been prevented by simply sitting in a dental chair. Investing in your health also means investing in your oral hygiene.

For the best Local Dentist in Coney Island NY, look no further than over 40 years of local expertise right here at Cone Island Dental. We live right here and help over 4,000 patients every year with teeth they can be confident in. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your appointment. New patients receive a cleaning and x-ray for a fixed, affordable rate, so come on in.


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