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Better Dental Hygiene Habits for 2022 – Find the Best Dentist Near Me

2022 is finally here and many of us have set out some new years resolutions to better ourselves this year. It could be something as simple as losing weight or important as calling family more. What about finally starting to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day? If you have a history of tooth problems or a family history of missing teeth, you may want to look at your oral care routines and if they are up to snuff. Here we’ll look at important changes you can make this year to prevent painful cavities and dreaded...

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Find the best Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island and get straighter teeth.

Invisalign Braces Changed the Face of Tooth Alignment Technology

We’re all familiar with traditional metallic or porcelain braces. For years the only way to realign teeth was with visible semi-permanently attached braces They’re impossible not to notice when looking in the mirror, smiling for photos, or chatting. Every middle school, high school, college-age student, or grown adult who has had to wear them was self-conscious about how they looked and felt. Especially when eating or brushing and flossing as traditional braces make this much more difficult. But that all changed with the development of new tooth alignment technology when Invisalign was invented. Invisalign Changed the “Face” of Teeth Realignment...

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Dental Implants and a Confident Brand New Smile

Missing teeth is difficult. Depending on how many teeth are missing and which ones, it may be difficult to eat, drink, talk, and smile. It is a common problem that will likely affect most adults at some point in their life. But there are several different options you and your dentist can discuss to get your oral health back to a place that instills confidence. What do you have to lose? Start the Conversation with Your Dentist First things first, talk to your dentist! Hopefully, you’re going to the dentist about every six months for a checkup and cleaning so...

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Find the best Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign vs. Invisalign Go: Which is Better For Me?

As the new year approaches, you may be looking to make some changes and may even be considering a resolution or two. If that means improving your mental health, physical wellbeing, and oral health; then you’re looking to make 2022 a powerful year of change. Outside of getting in better shape and taking more time away from work, straightening your teeth may be at the top of your list. If not straightening your teeth then maybe that of a loved one, child, or spouse. Invisalign has likely come up in your mind or a conversation with your dentist. It is a...

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New Year, New Smile. Get the Smile You Want for 2022

2021 is nearly over and it’s been another year of ups and downs, masks, vaccines, and more. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist or skipping it altogether, you may want to reconsider for the coming year. Seeing the dentist regularly goes beyond regular cleanings and allows for preventative dentistry. Where your dentist can spot things that would turn into big problems if left untreated like cavities, cracks, and more. But if you’re missing teeth, have crooked teeth, or have gum disease skipping the dentist should not be something you’re still doing next year. New Years Resolution: Fix My Smile The...

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Find an Invisalign Dentist in Coney Island NY and give the gift of straight teeth

Give the Gift of Straight Teeth with Invisalign this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family, friends, togetherness, sharing, caring, and so much more. Giving gifts is secondary to the true spirit of the holiday season. But not all gifts take away from the spirit of the holidays! For example, Invisalign braces for your growing teenager, a loved one, or even a friend. Invisalign is the Gift that Keeps on Giving Straight teeth that one can be confident in aren’t something to take for granted. As we age, different factors will lead to differently shaped teeth and physical attributes. If you, your children, or a loved one wish for...

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Find a Family Dentist in Coney Island NY that fits your schedule and who the kids will love.

True Cost of Skipping the Family Dentist for Too Long

From a young age, many of us are taught habits that we can take with us through life. One of those is brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist every 6 months. But at some point when we move off into the world, many of us do not maintain these habits. In particular, many adults do not visit the dentist every 6 months and even skip the dentist altogether. It may be due to a lack of dental insurance, to save money, or simply getting too busy with school, work, children, and life. But whatever...

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Invisalign Dentists in Coney Island NY help you straight teeth and are more convenient that traditional braces.

How Does Invisalign Straighten Crooked Teeth? Who Invented Invisalign?

Are you looking in the mirror and wishing your teeth were straighter? Does your child have unstraight teeth and you want to straighten them? Are you embarrassed about your smile or teeth? Having misaligned teeth is no laughing matter. It can lead children to be teased and can wear on an adult’s mental health. After all, when we watch movies and TV, most actors have perfectly straight and bright white teeth. This isn’t the real world but with modern dentistry, you can straighten and whiten your teeth. Options to Straighten Teeth No matter your age the traditional method for straightening...

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Invisalign costs less and is invisible to others, see why its so popular at Coney Island Dental in NY

Invisalign: a Better Orthodontic Treatment for Straight Teeth

A good-looking smile with perfectly straight teeth isn’t something we’re all born with. In fact, most people have teeth structures that aren’t perfectly symmetrical or inline. Traditional orthodontic methods utilized braces that require a lot of maintenance, regular orthodontic visits for adjustments, and give patients a “metal mouth” look that won’t go unnoticed. There is nothing wrong with traditional braces they do the job, but modern orthodontic dentistry has come a long way since 1997 when Align Technology came to be. Invisalign was quickly given FDA approval and is used by dentists across the USA and the globe to provide...

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Our diets effect our teeth in so many ways. See what the Best Dentist in Coney Island NY says about sugary foods and acid.

How Our Diets Affect Our Teeth and Why that is Important

Our teeth are resilient. Did you know teeth are firmer and denser than bone? But that doesn’t mean they are indestructible! Our diets affect our teeth from the moment we have grown them, both as baby teeth and permanent adult teeth. Certain foods and drinks will lead to tooth decay more quickly than others. So, understanding the relationship between our diet and our teeth is important for children and adults alike. Understanding Tooth Decay Tooth decay occurs when acids, sugar, and wear react with bacteria in our plaque. Sugars lead the mouth to produce acids which then “burn” or degrade...

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