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When is the Last Time You Saw a Dentist? A Year Ago? 5 Years?

Do you remember when the last time you visited the dentist was? Was it 6-months ago or so, as the recommendations of dentists across the globe? A year ago? More than a year? More than 5-years? Over a decade? Longer still?! If you have to think hard about the last time you went to the dentist, you know you are long overdue. It’s more common than you might think. Many people wind up going years without a dental checkup, only returning to the dentist when there is a major problem. If you have severe tooth pain and have trouble eating...

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My Tooth is Killing Me! What Can my Dentist Do?

Have a tooth problem that is causing severe pain? It could be something as simple as a cavity that needs to be filled, or it could be something more painful and difficult to alleviate. Teeth problems come in all shapes and sizes and can affect us at any age, no matter how good our home dental hygiene habits are. What we physically see is only on the outer surface of our teeth and gums. This provides no clear insight to untrained eyes regarding underlying tooth problems. Usually, acute or chronic tooth pain is not a surface problem but something deep...

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Understanding Warm Weather Dietary Changes and How they Affect Teeth

Spring is in full swing. Many of us are doing a bit of spring cleaning to de-clutter and freshen up our homes and apartments for the warm weather season. Did you know that spring is one of the busiest times of the year for dentist visits and dental checkups? So, “spring cleaning” can mean more than donating old clothes and finally dusting off your bookshelves.  With Warm Weather Comes Gatherings & Parties  There are several reasons why spring is one of the most popular times of the year for Americans to visit the dentist here in Kings County NY. First...

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True Cost of Skipping the Family Dentist for Too Long

From a young age, many of us are taught habits that we can take with us through life. One of those is brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist every 6 months. But at some point when we move off into the world, many of us do not maintain these habits. In particular, many adults do not visit the dentist every 6 months and even skip the dentist altogether. It may be due to a lack of dental insurance, to save money, or simply getting too busy with school, work, children, and life. But whatever...

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Your Dentists’ Spring Cleaning Oral Health Check-Up List

“Spring Cleaning” often refers to how many of us clean our homes and apartments of clutter and dust following the cold and dark winter months. But how can this apply to our dental health? Springtime is one of the busiest for local dentists and for good reason. Spring is the time when we come out into the sun with more activities and face-to-face meetings with friends and family. This means anything that has happened to our teeth since the start of last fall will be clear for all to see. Many people schedule one of their twice-yearly visits to the...

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Dentists can find more than cavities and gingivitis, they can discover life-threatening conditions.

When a Routine Dental Visit Turns Into a Life Saving Appointment

Many of us have fled the dentist after our appointment before the office scheduling manager could pencil us in for our next visit in 6 months. The fact is that people skip the dentist regularly and some at all costs. But this can lead to severe oral health issues that can adversely affect your overall health and quality of life. People don’t generally think of their dentist as a lifesaver. They clean teeth, can fill cavities, and can even replace a missing tooth; but save lives? Really!? We typically think of life-saving doctors as emergency room surgeons, cardiologists, or endocrinologists....

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Invisalign treatment in Coney Island NY for over a decadel

Invisalign is the Teeth Straightening System of the Modern Age

We’ve all seen vintage footage or had loved ones who grew up having traditional braces in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. After all, you couldn’t miss them! Bright shiny metal connectors between the teeth and elastic bands on the sides of the mouth were pretty hard to miss. Smiling or eating would trap all manner of foods in the crevasses between and around the braces and it could be a nightmare for kids trying to fit in. Many teenagers grew up being teased or were highly self-conscious about their “metal mouth”, or being referred to as “jaws”. But if...

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Understanding the Endosteal Dental Implant Treatment Process

Our teeth come in many different shapes and sizes. As we age we continue to use our teeth and this means there is a lot of wear and tear over time. When you get older you’ll probably reduce your physical activity level and won’t run marathons anymore, but you will still eat every day. So, you need strong and healthy teeth at every age. Unfortunately, the modern diet doesn’t help our teeth in the long run. Refined sugars and processed foods are commonplace and they do serious long-term damage to your teeth.  If you need a tooth extracted or have...

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Who is the Best Dentist Near 11224 in Coney Island?

Do you live in Coney Island or southern Brooklyn? Need to get into the dentist quickly but don’t know which dental practice is the best fit? Finding a qualified local dentist shouldn’t be hard, especially here in New York City, so let’s take a look at a few things to consider before making an appointment. Do you Have a Dental Emergency or is it a Routine Teeth Cleaning? First, you should consider the current state of your teeth.  Do you have serious tooth problems stemming from years of skipping the dentist?  Or are your teeth in pretty good shape but...

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When Tooth Pain Persists You Risk a Root Canal and Worse

Avoiding the dentist or skipping it entirely is something more Americans do every year than you might think. Whether it’s an insurance issue or anxiety caused by a dental exam (some other reason), it’s too common. So, if you’re experiencing tooth pain that isn’t going away, should you go to the dentist? Or should you continue waiting and hope the pain will resolve itself? Hopefully, you opted for the dentist because oral pain is just the beginning of what could become a painful and expensive drawn-out process. One ending in tooth extraction or at best a root canal and crown...

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