Find the #1 Coney Island Dental Practice and get your teeth fixed today.

Getting to the Dentist is About More than White Teeth

Going to the dentist is not very high on many Americans’ priorities. About half of people in rural areas have gone to the dentist in the past 12 months and nearly 2/3rds in urban areas. It could be because dental insurance is less common than health insurance or due to busy schedules. Whatever the reason, it’s time to get back on track if you’ve been skipping the dentist. 

Dental Visits Clean Your Teeth and More

Find the #1 Coney Island Dental Practice and get your teeth fixed today.
#1 Coney Island Dental Practice

You may think, “the dentist cleans my teeth, but I brush and floss at home and have no pain. Why should I go?“. The dentist and dental hygienist will clean your teeth and gums, removing plaque and other problem areas. But they also look more carefully at your teeth, gums, and tongue than you can. 

The mouth provides insight into a person’s overall health and well-being. Have severe acid damage? Your dentist can spot this and recommend you see a gastroenterologist. Grind your teeth? Your dentist can see this and recommend counseling or other methods to help you stop doing this. Your teeth are essential and used more than any other external body part. If you want to be able to retain your teeth and chew food into your golden years, you should get to the dentist. 

A Cavity Can Become a Painful Problem

If left untreated, something as simple as a cavity can become a painful problem. In terms of the physical pain when a tooth rots and hits the nerve ending, it is excruciating. You may not be able to sleep or eat comfortably or at all. A rotting tooth can lead to root canals, extraction, and the need for a crown or implant. This is where patients can experience the pain of the costs of repairing a seriously damaged tooth. When a routine cleaning costs less than $200, it’s tough to consider the cost of a significant procedure like dental implant surgery.

A Dental Visit is Also a Consultation 

More than just cleaning your teeth, your dentist provides a consultation service on the state of your mouth. A good dentist will not always want to pull a tooth and steer you towards a crown or major procedure unless necessary. If you are in severe pain, you will need to get things done, but you’ll likely have some options. A good dentist will consult you about the most suitable choices for your teeth based on your budget. 

Find the Right Dentist Near You

If you live in lower Kings County, NYC, you’ll likely pass many dental offices when you go to the grocery store or walk to your favorite bar. The point is there are a lot of dentists to choose from, but not all of them provide the best care at the fairest price. For the #1 Coney Island Dental Practice, look no further than right here at and over 40 years of local expertise. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your next visit. 


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