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When is it Time to Change Your Dentist?

Going to the dentist can be a personal experience. Many of us went to the same dentist as our parents if living in the same area, but knowing when it’s time to change your dentist can be different for everyone. It could be a change in ownership or new staff that you’re unfamiliar with, or a geographic location that makes it unsuitable to travel. There are lots of reasons to change your dentist. Let’s examine why some people switch dental practices and when is the right time.

Relocation is a Common Reason to Change Dentists

Find the Best Dentist in Southern Brooklyn NY for your next visit.
Best Dentist in Southern Brooklyn NY

If you’ve been seeing the same dentist for 20 years since you were a kid but have moved out of the area, it’s probably a good idea to start looking for a new dental office in your zipcode. If you move from New York City to southern Texas, you will not likely keep the same dentist and fly back for routine cleanings.

So, researching the best recommended and highest-rated dental practices in your new area is necessary. You can ask around friends or colleagues or do a little research online, but be sure you don’t take too long. Even six months of skipping the dentist can lead to hidden things like developing cavities or worse. If you had a small cavity when you left NY, it would not be fun to learn you needed a new dentist because you woke up with excruciating oral pain. If you change locations and move away from your current dentist, find a new one right away and get a new dental relationship started. You may have to go to a few before you find the right one for you and your family.

Change in Accepted Dental Insurance

Another common reason to change your dentist is that your current practice changes which insurance providers they work with. Dental insurance is far less common than health insurance, and not all dental offices take all kinds of dental insurance. It isn’t unheard of for patients to get comfortable at a dentist that accepts their insurance to have that provider change which insurers they work with. If your dentist changes insurance, you’ll probably want to find a new one or be on the hook for 100% of all the procedures and cleanings you go through.

When You Need Specialized Care

Not every dental office is qualified or able to do every possible dental procedure. For instance, if an office specializes in cleanings and cavity remediation, if you need a root canal or dental implant surgery, they will likely send you to a dentist offering those services. This doesn’t necessarily mean you leave your previous provider for good, but you may need to go elsewhere for complicated procedures, oral surgery, or other periodontal work.

Changing Your Dentist isn’t Difficult

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of finding a new dentist. Asking friends or a quick Google search will reveal many options for you, especially in Brooklyn, NY in Kings County, NYC. Depending on what you need, you can eliminate some off the bat and use online reviews as a guideline. Are they all 5-star reviews? That isn’t possible even for the most loved businesses on earth. Look at the overall average, not just one-star or five-star reviews, and you’ll get a picture of what to expect from any dentist you choose.

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